Application Charts

These charts will help guide you to the right type and gauge of wire.

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Indoor: Type NM-B

Type NM-B (Indoor Applications)
14/2 with ground Lighted Medicine Cabinet Lighting Fixtures  
12/2 with ground Workshop Power Tools, Wall Light Switches, Combination Swtich and Receptacle, Diposals (Must have toggle switch at the unit) Exhaust Fan, Grounded Receptacles, Lighting Fixtures with Outlets, Dishwashers Room A/CElectric Wall Heater (up to 1650 Watts at 120v)Food Freezer (On separate circuit)
12/3 with ground 3-way Light Switches    
10/3 with ground Apartment size Range – up to 30 amps
Built-in Single Ovens – up to 30 amps
Large A/C – over 20 ampsOther Major Appliances Electric Dryer – up to 30 amps
10/2 with ground Electric Wall Heater (Over 1650 Watts at 120v)    
8/3 with ground Double Oven Range – up to 45 amps    
6/3 with ground Built-in Double Ovens – up to 50 amps Double Oven Range – up to 60 amps  
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Outdoor: Type UF-B

Type UF-B (Outdoor Applications)
14/2 with ground Outdoor Post Lights    
12/2 with ground Switches and Ground Receptacles, Patio Spot Lights Swimming Pool, Filters/Pumps, Dusk to Dawn Lights Patio-Pool W.P. Receptacles
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