Explaining Part Numbers

This section breaks down how Cerro Electrical® does part numbers.

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Part Numbering Conventions

Our finished goods part numbers are comprised of different components.

  • single conductor: {product line} – {size/construction}{color}{put-up}
  • multiple conductor: {product line} – {size/construction}{#conductors}{put-up}

Look-up UL E Number
If the part is not a Cerro brand, you may still look it up online.

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Single Conductors


  • 12 strand THHN, blue, 500 ft spool
Part Number Product Line - Size Color Put up
112-3604J 112 - 36 04 J
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Multiple Conductors


  • 14-3 NM-B w/ground, 1000FT reel
  • 12-2 NM-B w/ground, 250FT Cerropac
Part Number Product Line - Size Number of Conductors Put up
147-1403K 147 - 14 3 K
147-1662G 147 - 16 2 g
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