Annunciator (Bell) Wire

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Cerrowire® bell wire is great for use in connecting call bells, buzzer break systems, door bells, etc., on low-voltage battery or transformer circuits. The multi-conductor assembly makes this wire suitable for furnace controls, etc.

  • bell systems
  • buzzer break systems
  • call bells
  • door bell
  • door chimes
  • residential
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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermoplastic insulation.

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Industry Standards

EU RoHS Directive

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2 soft bare copper conductors are cabled together with a 3.0" left-hand lay without fillers.

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Product Specifications:

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Product Code Number
Explain Product Codes
Put-Up No. of Cond. AWG Size Package Type Insulation Thickness Inches Units per Master Carton Shipping Weight per Master Carton (lbs)(s) UPC UPC Code
206-0101BA3 65 2 20 Clamshell 0.009 10 8.0 048243994250
206-0102CR 100 2 20 Reel Sleeving 0.009 4 3.2 048243995363
206-0102J1 500 2 20 Reel Sleeving 0.009 2 7.8 048243439904

If your product code is not listed above, please consult PDF or contact customer service.

(s)Actual shipping weight may vary.

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