Submersible Pump Flat

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For use within a well casing to supply current to a submersible pump. For use where the cable is not subject to repetitive handling required by frequent pump-unit service. Maximum conductor operating temperature: 75°C at voltages not exceeding 600 volts. Minimum operating temperature is -25°C.

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7-Wire Stranded: soft, uncoated copper per ASTM-B8

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Industry Standards

  • UL 83
  • ASTM-B3
  • ASTM-B8
  • NFPA70: National Electrical Code®
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  • All conductors, including the ground wire, are laid flat and parallel and are covered with a yellow PVC insulation rated 75°C (Type THW). This PVC compound forms an interconnecting web between the conductors.
  • One conductor is marked with the sample surface print shown below plus sequential footage markings in black.
  • One conductor is printed with red hash marks.
  • The grounding conductor is marked with a continuous green stripe and “FOR GROUNDING ONLY.”
  • On three-conductor cables with ground, the fourth conductor is unmarked.
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Surface Print


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  Package Code
  J K
  500' spool/reel 1000' reel
12 stand 2 w/GRD X X
12 stand 3 w/GRD X X
10 stand 3 w/GRD X

View Submersible Pump Flat PDF for available lengths chart.

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Product Specifications:

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Product Code Number
Explain Product Codes
AWG Size Number of Conductors Conductor Standing Insulation Thickness Mils. Approx. Shipping Weight Lbs./M Ft. Approx Dimensions Mils.
141-2602J 12 2 w/ GRD 7 x .0242 45 116 182 x 558
141-2602K 12 2 w/ GRD 7 x .0242 45 116 182 x 558
141-2603J 12 3 w/ GRD 7 x .0305 45 160 182 x 746
141-2603K 12 3 w/ GRD 7 x .0305 45 160 182 x 746
141-2803J 10 3 w/ GRD 7 x .0385 45 225 205 x 770

If your product code is not listed above, please consult PDF or contact customer service.

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